10 days wellness package for detoxification.

The environmental pollution, unwholesome dietetic practices and routines cause accumulation of toxins in our systems which need to be eliminated unless it can lead to serious ailments in due course of time. Ayurveda offers time tested classical procedures in order to cleanse the whole system without any untoward effects. Sreepadam offers the most economical packages all inclusive of every charges in an extremely homely serene lush green environment.

Treatments includes,
1.Abhyanga(Full body massage) 8 days
2.Snehapanam(Intake of Medicated ghee) 6 days
3.Swedanam(Controlled Sudation ) 2days
4.Virechana(Induced Purgation) 1day
5.Sneha Vasthi (Medicated Oil enema) 3days
6.Kashaya Vasthi(Medicated decoction enema) 3days

The judiciously administered Abhyanga, Snehapana and Swedana create a biological environment in the systems which help move the adherent toxins embedded in various tissues towards the direction of alimentary tract and the virechana help cleansing of the GIT followed by the sneha and kashaya vasthis which ultimately lead to the elimination of vitiated doshas there by producing the biological balance ie dosha equilibrium of functions than ever before …. Medicines required for each procedure will be selected according to the final analysis of the person with regard to dasavidha pareeksha (ten type examination) like Prakruthi,agni,dosha,etc..