Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss

Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss

Sthoulyam or obesity is one of the major condition which leads to many other complex disease. Depending up on the capability of the digestive fire the interval for the manifestation of complication o f this disease may differ person to person,
Major causes for the Obesity, the following can lead heavily to be obese in normal people .

Athyaharam (excessive intake of food)
Excessive use of sweet, heavy, cold and unctuous food items
Lack of sexual indulgence
Excessive day sleep
Joyful life style
Lack of thinking
By birth

Feeding largely on fast food with low physical activity is prone to life style diseases.
Low protein and high carbohydrate intake and eating refined carbohydrates have significant effect in suppressing the metabolic rate.
Poor absorption and utilization of nutrients result in decrease energy production on cell level affecting metabolism.
Lowered metabolic rate produce an adverse effect upon the digestion process.
Diminished metabolic rate reflex as fatigue, cold hands and feet and craving for sweets.
Metabolic impairment leads to metabolic syndrome like diabetes, high cholesterol and abnormal blood pressure.

These are the difficulties associated with over weight
Wrinkling of skin
Excessive sweating
Longevity reduces
Bad odour of the body,
Difficulty in sexual act
Excess thirst and hunger

How the over weight could be reduced?
By practice of regular exercise.
By internal medicine
By Panchakarma therapy
By regulating daily regimens

Practice of regular exercise;
This can visibly reduce the weight to certain extent.

Internal medicines:-
Silajathu, gulgulu, gomutra, thriphala, loharaja, rasanjanam, mahdu, yava, mudga, koradooshaka, syamaka, uddalaka, etc like rukshana and chedana drvyavas are to be used in different manner .Varadi kashaya , Gomutra harithaki, Ayaskrithi, etc are the few effective formulations in Ayurveda. Anyhow basically the reason for the obesity to be examined especially in women whether it is related to any Gynaecological or any hormonal codition etc ..
Panchakarma therapies like `lekhana vasthis and external therapies like Udwarthana , rooksha sweda etc ..These procedures have found to be proven remedies in the management of obesity.
Regulating daily regimens considering the daily and seasonal importance along with dietary regimens.