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Kerala-the southern state of peninsular india , with its exotic serene environment and rich traditions is considered to be the cradle of Ayurveda where this system became a way of life more than a medical system to cure the diseases. Centuries of ancestral traditions in Ayurveda are strongly linked to certain families which attracted people from even distant places to get the correct remedy for serious ailments. The vast clinical experience gathered by the Vaidya (Physician)in such a family passed on their knowledge to their sons/daughters and kept alive in its undiluted form for generations.
For decades dating back even to the reign of cochin dynasty in south india ,the Kalarickal family situated at Kanjoor near Kalady in Kerala has been reputed for Kalarippayattu (Martial arts),Marma chikitsa and Ayurvedic treatments .Here is a model of health and healing that stood the test of time blending Tradition ,Authority and Science. Legend have it that when the then cochin empire was in constant threat form outside , ancestors of the family who were the masters in Kalarippayattu (martial arts)and Marma chikitsa(Vital points) were brought from Malabar (North Kerala)to impart expert training to the soldiers of the dynasty by the orders from the Highness of Cochin. Most of the descendents of these masters were scholars in Sanskrit and Ayurveda.
Sreepadam Ayurveda Chikitsalayam as an authentic treatment center was established by Dr K Sasidharan , the elder son of Vaidya KK Sreedhara kurup with an aim to continue the familys illustrious tradition in Ayurveda and to take it to the next level in health care management .Vaidya KKS Kurup of this family , was a doyen in Ayurveda and a great scholar in various Indian knowledge systems.
>Sreepadam Ayurveda Chikitsalayam presently has grown into a healing Tavern in the lap of a tranquil unpolluted village at Kanjoor near Kalady, Kerala. This is the home of Ayurveda in every sense with a total homely ambience and medicines prepared in clay pots and simple food prepared with vegetables from organic farming. Let us get back to the nature and The Healing Tavern is the alluring inspiration towards our illustrious ancestry.

Medical Team

Dr. K. SASIDHARAN MD(Ay) (Chief Physician, Sreepadam Ayurveda Chikitsalayam)

Dr K Sasidharan, son of Vaidya KK Sreedhara kurup , an eminent academician and researcher in Ayurveda and vastly known for the clinical expertise in the management of chronic diseases is the medical director and chief consultant of the chikitsalayam .He is a Post graduate in Ayurveda , MD(Ay) with more than two decades of distinguished service in teaching at college and university levels, presented quite a number of scientific papers in National/International conferences ,consultant/advisor to few reputed Ayurvedic centers in kerala, visited foreign countries for invited lecture on Ayurveda and credited with much more testimonials of treating chronic and degenerative ailments. He is the recipient of Bhishak Retna Award 2008.

Phone : +91 9447506528

Dr Praveenkumar,son of Dr K Sasidharan, an expert in Panchakarma is the Physician and Head of Academy division of the chikitsalayam. A Post graduate MD(Ay) from Kerala university of health sciences plays a key role in bringing an innovative and progressive growth with a relentless passion of Ayurveda.His level of interest has made the chikitsalayam reach many parts in and abroad. Developed the modules for the course for the academy division and provide quality training to those who come for the study of Ayurveda from abroad. He is the recipient of the prestigious Aryavaidyan NVK Endovement prize from kottakkal AVS and Vaidya bhooshana puraskaram 2008 of VKRT Foundation for Ayurvedic studies in kerala for his out standing literary competition. Currently doing the PhD in Pancha karma at prestigious Jam nagar University.

Dr. V. S. Nimmy MD(Ay)
Phone : +91 7907998037

Dr. V. S. Nimmy, wife of Dr. K. S. Praveen Kumar, Post graduated(MD Ay) from Kerala University in 2017 ,keeps an innovative approach in treatments by devising new formulations for complicated case management .She had the opportunity to work in the clinical medicine esp in treating various types of patients from in and abroad. She is interested in general Ayurvedic treatments, Panchakarma and being a researcher in Medicinal plants she keeps the inquisitiveness to identify the rare herbs in Ayurveda which could be used in treatments effectively. Her interest in the management of gynaecological cases has created a repute in national level. She has presented scientific papers in national and international conferences and published papers in various approved journels. She also keeps an interest in hospital administration and Patient management. Her constant enthusiasm in finding out novel methodologies in treatment and medicines makes her path distinctive.

Ancestral profile

K K Krishnankuttykurup

An expert in traditional Ayurvedicmarmachikitsa [treatment methodology based on vital points in the body] has been considered as the great guru who inspired the forth came generations with the wisdom of Ayurveda. His extraordinary masterly talent in handling the orthopaedic cases still dwells in the memory of people even after decades of his demise. He stands as a light in the path of Ayurveda for the generations with inner guidance and blessings. His elder son K KSreedharakurupopted the profession of Ayurveda as the traditional lineage of the generation.

K P Kumarakurup

a doyen in the field of Ayurveda and specialist in vishachikitsa (Ayurvedic toxicology) had born on 19th May 1910 studied Sanskrit and Ayurveda for several years. He started his own Ayurveda clinic “Bharathavaidyasala” in 1929 which later on flourished into a network of branches in and outside Kerala. In an early period while Ayurveda was catching up as a marketable business in and outside Kerala his venture turned out to be hugely successful. He obtained an award for his outstanding contributions in vishachikitsa from the then Maharaja of Cochin. Apart from his excellence in toxicology he showed exceptional talent in general medicine and paediatrics. His socio-political affiliations were also so deep rooted that he was well-regarded by the then stalwarts and kept a lasting relationship. His younger daughter K K Lethakumari got married to Dr. K.Sasidharan.

K K Sreedharakurup

a scholar in Ayurveda born on 4th November 1923 had his education basically in Sanskrit and Indian philosophy for a decade . He later studied Ayurveda with its clinical aspects under gurukula system for several years under a learned guru. In 1944 he started his own Ayurveda clinic in his village town near to present Sreepadam Ayurveda chikitsalayam to impart the good practice of Ayurveda to the patients who used to come from near and distant places. Later on he also became much popular with the dedicated service as a specialist in Paediatrics in Ayurveda. More than a successful clinician he was also attached to socio-political establishments/organizations locally and was always present for the poor and downtrodden with great humanitarian support.SreepadamAyurvedaChikitsalayam was established by his son Dr KSasidharan.


I am so delighted to say that my Psoriatic problem has cured remarkably with the repeat course of treatments at Sreepadam .I still remember the homely stay and sincere treatment procedures carried out there with great regards.

V.Deshmukh Aurangabad, 2ndFeb,2017

I am very often thinking of you and your family and remember the very “rich” time at your warm hearted family place. For all the knowledge you and Dr. Praveen shared with me I am very, very thankful!You gave so much to me and I felt the time I spent with you gave a much deeper insight, understanding, also feeling, – for what is Ayurveda.Same time I know Ayurveda is such a big ocean of knowledge – learning will never end!

Birgit Germany,5th July 2016

I don’t have words to express my thanks to Dr Sasidharan for caring me and having done the treatment for my illness Multiplr Schlerosis and achieved the remarkable cure , I express my sincere regards to all of the members of Sreepadam for their homely care and personal attention without whch I wouldn’t have lived like this ..Thanks.

Sreeja Ernakulam,Kerala, 5th June , 2016

I am mech indebted to the treatments done at Sreepadam for my serious disease Mitochondrial Cytopathy,and got cured. Dr sasidharan is so authentic in Ayurveda ,hence got the results.The homely atmosphere and approach was unforgettable thanks a lot..sir.

Lekshmi Aluva,Kerala, 6th Nov 2015

Respected Dr. Sasidharan,
I arrived well in Germany on Sunday night ( 2’o clock night time your time).My suitcase was 29 kg !!!! and I heard them discussing at the check–in counter.
I like to thank you now via this way once more for all what you have done for me – teaching theory & practical, warmhearted home stay with wonderful food. It was a very precious time for me. There are not enough words to express my thankfulness in words.
Please also forward my big “Thank you” to your wife again who was so much involved into teaching me. She is such a wonderful person & soul. And also once again to dr Praveen. As I have also spoken to Praveen & wife —
THANK YOU so much again & I wish you and your family all the best – for health & future,With greetings from my heart, Biggi .

Birgit Germany, 8th October 2013

It was a lot of great time to see you, your family, your place and all the people and our trip in India.It was a memorable stay with a perfect homely environment ..thaks for your dedicated service.

Marilena Italy

Hello Sashi!
I’m very well. After the week in your clinic I’m feel something is changing in my body and in my mind. More strong, more quite, more relaxing, more happy and I let go what I don’t need to keep inside. Great! Thanks for your work. You help a lot people to stay better this is very fine!. I’m trying to find ASHVAGANDHA but it is difficult.
I don’t now about Orietta. She is still in Allappy. In these days I’ll send a mail to her to now about her intention to come to your clinic at the end of February.

Norma Ivaldi Italy, 21st Jan 2013