Short term introductory
course in Ayurveda

This course is planned for the aspirants in Ayurveda in western countries in order to gain the real wisdom of this science from the real masters in Ayurveda in Kerala, India the GODs own country. The course shall enable the participants to develop the Guru( teacher)Shishya(student)relationship in the most traditional manner, thereby the true wisdom gets transferred to the disciple.There is no time limit but not less than one months period is granted to the in-depth study of Ayurveda under the teachership of Prof.Dr K Sasidharan, the renowned scholar, and clinician in Ayurveda, an ardent follower of traditions.
The course consists of understanding the concepts of Panchabhoota, dosha, dhatus, causation of diseases, diagnosis methodology and its management, training in Kerala specialties of treatments & Panchakarma therapies, preparation of formulations (including theory and practicals), Patient examination and clinical discussions …The training here is different from other centers that each student gets the training not like a classroom teaching, but through the direct conversation with the Guru (Teacher)..

Ayurveda Health
Chekup Programme

Health is the state of equilibrium of Doshas ( vatha, pitha and kapha ), Dhatus (seven tissue principles – ie. 1. Rasa-chyle, 2. Rektha-blood, 3. Mamsa-flesh, 4. Medas-fat, 5. Asthi-bone, 6. Majja-marrow, 7. Sukla-reproductive principle ), Malas – urine, sweat and stool, Agni – digestive enzymes, Indriyas- senses, Manas – mind.

This programme consists of evaluation of prakruthi (constitution), srothas (channel system), dhatu sara (essence of tissues) to determine the health status of the individual.


Clinical research in degenerative bone diseases is the current focus as many such cases have responded remarkably to the Ayurveda treatments